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As a rule, we do not reply to issues related to game strategies, future schedules, reports, feedback or requests.


Personal verification terms of consent

If for some reason you are unable to transfer data within the game and contact the DRAGON QUEST TACT support team to assist with the transfer, you must verify who you are.

Personal verification is how players who fill in the contact form and request data transfers can verify that they are the account holder.

Please read the following terms of consent.

  1. Personal verification and data transfer can only take place when an account holder has agreed to all of these terms.
  2. When the DRAGON QUEST TACT support team issues a data transfer, this is a ONE-TIME service. The support team may not be able to issue any further data transfers in the event that the same account holder makes the same request again.
  3. In the event that someone contacts the support team via the personal verification form, but the information provided is insufficient or has any errors, or there are multiple account matches from the provided information, or other such problems, the support team will be unable to issue a data transfer.
  4. Information and other requirements for personal verification will not be individually addressed.
  5. Players will not be compensated for campaign rewards, login bonuses, or other opportunities lost during time they are not playing DRAGON QUEST TACT during the personal verification period.
  6. When submitting personal verification, it may be a significant amount of time before a player receives a reply.

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Play status

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Gem/Passport purchase information

Have the person who made the purchase fill this part out.

What was purchased【required】

Purchase date(PST)【required】

Order number【required】

For iOS, check Order Number, and for Google Play, go to your Google Play account, then View Purchases and select the order.

Gem purchase history【required】

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